I’m so grateful this message has found it’s way to you today ~ I’d like to personally welcome you to the Living Heaven blog, and into this particular energetic line of High Frequency Soul Awakening. Let’s start out with the obvious and answer the question: What exactly IS Living Heaven? I know what it might sound like. A plant to save the world. Or, having life your way. Getting everything you want, when you want it.  (Which includes getting “them” to act like they’re “suppposed to”!)  I can’t say that version of living heaven doesn’t appeal to some part of me, but, honestly, from the Living Heaven Consciousness these intentions are much too small. There is so much more available to us at this time!!

I’d like to share a few key elements of Y/Our Living Heaven!  Why I say “Y/Our” Living Heaven, is because it does not exist in separation from anyone or anything, including the Heart of the Mother, and the Soul of the World!  Sound a bit fantastical? Over the top? Great. It is.

jaileelogoLiving Heaven is a Field of Awareness which serves to Activate, Awaken, and Allow for Soul Awareness, and for You to express and experience Life from an entirely different space within Your Being.  It assists in overriding the instincts of what has been termed the ‘false self’, the “ego”, the “conditioned mind” which can only experience life from a state of separation and keep you locked in a battle with Life (and with your True Self).

Living Heaven Within ~ Rooting in Presence is the foundation program of Living Heaven and includes a powerful community deeply committed to the Adventure of Awakening and Allowing their Brilliance of Being to Fully Blossom, in service to their Heart, their Soul, the Mother Earth, and to All Beings. (see Awakening Coaching tab).

While you may have fleeting moments, where you can say, “Ahhh, this is Heaven!”, in the next day, or next minute, you may find yourself upset, in a struggle with another circumstance you think you must oppose, stategize against, and ultimately conquer.

vision_quote1The work of Living Heaven doesn’t deny this so called real world, but is unique in that it does not ask you to force an idea into expression with a lot of outer action or mental force. It also doesn’t leave you hanging by “wishing on a star”.  Rather it allows you to take 100% responsibility for what you create in life by becoming supremely conscious and aware of what is blocking your experience of the Real Real World of Your Heart and Soul, as well as assisting you with creating a structure that allows for it’s natural and organic manifestation. Just like a seed in the soil needs care and protection, so does the Soul Seed that is seeking to Awaken and Fully Blossom need this space and support!

The Essence of Your Being – which includes the Genius of Your Soul – has most likely been kept buried beneath the hundreds of survival intentions, agendas, and goals of this false self, directed by the conditioned mind, and distracted by the so called “real world’ ~~ although, as every mystic, master, sage, saint, seer and awakened being has known, what the average person calls the real world, is indeed the world of illusion.

If you are ready to Meet Your True Self, and to Awaken to, and to more fully Live, in the real Real World, then hang on,

or, it may be time to

let go….

Into Your Living Heaven,

I’ll meet You T/Here,

Loving Hugs and Joyful Blessings!

Jaia Lee

Soul Success Coach, Awakened Artist, Mystic Healer

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