“One who lives a Mythic Life”
Dr. Jean Houston
Jaia presents with the voice of an angel. She creates a space of love through poetry and song, and invites the rest of us to join her in that space that only knows Love. Her voice and music carry you into a deep connection with Spirit that leaves one feeling inspired to commit to a new level on their spiritual journey. She truly knows how to hold a circle of people as One. Thank you, Jaia for the gifts of heart you share.
Rev. Sue MillerBorn
Center for Spiritual Living, Redding, CA
“A breath of fresh air, a poet, a muse, a woman of depth, character, and beauty. An original.”
Rev. Bob Luckin
“Jaia is medicine for the Soul! Thank You!”
Toni Anne Tierney
“An incredibly deep, gentle moment of self healing…touched me like the finger of God. I highly recommend this experience”
Jim Shippee
"Your class is powerful! In just one to two sessions all of our lives catapulted forward!"
“I haven’t felt this alive and as a full participant in my life in a long time, at least the last ten years! “
“I feel the rest of my life will forever be affected in a positive way!”
Kimberlee Sumner
“I know I sound like a broken record, but thank you for your book. I realized that fear was keeping me from completing what Spirit has already given to me. As I move through the fear and come out the other side, I have your book as my bible.”
"Your book, it's just phenomenal. I can't even put words to it, I underscored everything and got so many epiphanies, and I just love your writing style."
“This is the first book I have really loved and connected with in over a decade. Thank you for being so articulate, courageous and wise.”
“Jaia is a shining example of what she writes about. She shows us so clearly that the “impossible” is a box of our own design~ and shows us the way out!”
“I have told so many people to read your book and have even given a copy to my mother, who is now reading it. I just wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration and a breath of fresh air for me and to many others.”
Bella Donna
Jaia Lee is a beautiful soul who sees through the veil and connects on a very deep level. Jaia, always giving and encouraging, supported me to be who I really am and to define the gifts I am meant to bring to the world. Jaia's intuition is uncanny and her highest sense of all knowing sees beneath the surface to the true essence of the souls she coaches/teaches. As a spirit guide here on earth Jaia combines, compassion, strength, support and encouragement to enable others to view themselves through her eyes and that way through their own spirit's eyes. Any time spent with Jaia is a time spent with your highest self and I truly encourage everyone to try it! It has been life changing for me as she has supported me to spread my wings and fly all the while knowing that she is soaring up there with me. God bless you, Jaia, the Angels love you as I do."
Working with Jaia has been a massive support to me at this time. I am in a delicate phase of my unfoldment, and she has this way of seeing around the bend, gently pushing me to stretch to see for myself. Her authenticity and clarity around absolute Truth is so pure and unassuming... holding the space in support of my very best Self to continue emerging. She has an uncanny ability to catch me on my "story" vs. my "truth", in such a loving way... laying out the constant opportunity for me to look deeper. Her guidance is multi-dimensional... as holding the space for my expansion feels just as powerful as her words, if not more. I am blessed to have crossed paths with her, and am so excited to continue into ever-moreness through this place of co-intentionality that Jaia and I create in our sessions together.
Andrea V,
Award winning corporate financial planner
"The greatest gift I received from the healing was Jaia herself- her loving, authentic presence reminded me of the divine potential alive and present in me NOW. Jaia reflected me in my wholeness, rather than as someone that needed to be worked on, which is the way I was accustomed to seeing myself. The information she shared was specific, resonant and validating. It felt so good to be acknowledged for my gifts and more importantly, see my ‘weaknesses’ from a new perspective. After my [full day], I felt seen, supported, inspired and confident. The realization of my creative ideas not only seemed possible, but inevitable. I actually set up a [full day] for my partner for his birthday because I couldn’t think of a more loving gift than this reflection of his unique and divine truth. Thank you, Jaia!
Intuivie healer, artist in residence
"Jaia's visionary and uniquely innovative insight, extensive holistic and spiritual knowledge,as well as her intuitive, creative and healing abilities have proved, again and again, an invaluable asset to my personal and professional development and success. She is a exceptional person of true integrity who I have always enjoyed working with. I cannot recommend her highly enough !"
Andy Cooney
Director and Partner at O'Keeffe and Partners London
"Your depth of experience and insight in how the mind works, and practical application of universal truth and wisdom is truly exceptional. The clarity I came to in this session with you was like having a pair of glasses placed over my eyes. It would have taken me years to come to these insights on my own. In fact, I don't think I could have gotten to this place on my own, no matter how many books I read."
Joe G
"The day I spent with you changed everything for me. You are a true master."
KB, executive assistant
"Jaia always brings me back to my authentic self."
Cyndy W.
Award winning sales agent
In this short time we have spent together I feel like I've been on vacation for five days! I feel totally rejuvenated! Thank You!
J.R., Mechanic, Sufi teacher
The doctor called my healing a “spontaneous relative reversal” They cancelled the surgery!! Thank you so much!!
Dr. J. C.