Speaking & Interview Topics

From Survival of the Fittest to the Grace of the Awake; How to Make the Leap to Soul Centered Living!

In this talk Jaia shares her experience of going from 250 pounds, addicted, depressed, and engaged in an abusive marriage, to “Life Beyond Belief”. She shares three absolute essentials to make the shift from a Living Hell (or
Living Purgatory) Experience to one of Living Heaven!

You’ll Learn:

  • A Telltale Sign That You Are Living the Life Your Soul Intended
  • A Cautionary Tale of Attaining Fame and Fortune While Ignoring Soul Purpose
  • The Difference Between Personal Power and Spiritual Destiny
  • The Simple Block and Only Real Obstacle to Living Heaven on Earth
  • Why Awakening?
  • The New Avalon & The Return of the Goddess

Fulfilling the Prophecy of the Goddess Awakening Heaven on Earth

In this talk Jaia shares her journey of creative and spiritual awakening through the path of the Divine Feminine. After years of depression, a sudden breakthrough opened the channel for the many songs, poems, dance, and story which have been shared on stages across the US, in Canada and the UK. By understanding the Feminine in Her Authentic Power as the Creative force of the Universe, rather than the roles more recently assigned to her in the West, we gain access to troves of untapped energy and resources within which bless us, others, and the world.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why Most of What We Refer to as Feminine is Really an Egoic Projection
  • The 3 Levels of Her Silent Scream and How to Access Your Natural State of Bliss
  • How to Stop Doubting, Discounting, and Depriving Your True Being
  • The Outrageous Spiritual Advantages of Being a Woman
  • Exactly HOW the “Western Woman Will Save the World” (as quoted by the Dalai Lama) Hint, Hint: She Won’t Do
  • It By Being the Better Man!
  • Why You Can’t Afford to Dumb Down Your Divine Diva and Glorious Goddess Self Any Longer
  • The Goddess Frequency and the Rose of Awakening