“There are many books that provide insights into the human condition and how we might better make our way through our life’s journey. Few contrast the two worlds of Mind and Soul more deeply or elegantly than Jaia Lee’s Living Beyond Belief.”

New Paradigm Review

“I have told so many people to read your book and have even given a copy to my mother, who is now reading it.

I just wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration and a breath of fresh air for me and to many others.”

Bella Donna

“Living Beyond Belief is a soul-charging book, one that opens up new dimensions in human possibilities.”

Dr. Jean Houston

More testimonials for Living Beyond Belief:

“I know I sound like a broken record, but thank you for your book. I realized that fear was keeping me from completing what Spirit has already given to me. As I move through the fear and come out the other side, I have your book as my bible.”


“Your book, it’s just phenomenal. I can’t even put words to it, I underscored everything and got so many epiphanies, and I just love your writing style.”


“Jaia is a shining example of what she writes about. She shows us so clearly that the “impossible” is a box of our own design~ and shows us the way out!”


“This is the first book I have really loved and connected with in over a decade. Thank you for being so articulate, courageous and wise.”


Chapters At A Glance

Chapter One:

The Child; Innocence Regained
What contributes to losing our sense of joy, wonder and inner knowing? What can we do to return to that space of deep trust and belonging that we once knew? What does the Child within us know that the adult has forgotten?

Chapter Two

Re-Birth; Death as an Aspect of Life
What if we could eradicate our worldly-born fear of death? What would that mean for our lives today? How can we come into a greater awareness and understanding that we are more than our physical bodies?

Chapter Three

Purpose; What am I Doing Here?
Do we really believe that we are here by accident and that we live in an accidental universe? Are we open to the possibility that our Soul has come to this planet with intent, with certain gifts, talents, karma to balance, lessons to learn? Do you know what your life purpose is?

Chapter Four

Initiation; Purification of the Soul
In order to move forward with highly inspired reasons for being here on the planet, conditioned ways of being need to be released, just as toxins from our body are released in a cleanse. As we purify, we are initiated into higher levels of awareness, and higher levels of Intention and Soul Purpose.

Chapter Five

Belief; The Foundation of Experience
Have you ever wondered why a ‘non-believer’ does not have the experience of the believer? Whatever one believes in, they will experience as being true. Beliefs can be conscious or unconscious, and it’s the unconscious variety that usually affects us in negative ways until we can open into a more expansive space, ‘beyond belief’.

Chapter Six

Projection; Polishing the Mirror
It is a simple premise: We project that which we don’t want to see in ourselves onto others. What we also do, on a Soul level, is draw experiences and people to us to make us more aware of these projections so we can finally forgive and heal. This may be the most powerful and life-changing chapter in the book.

Chapter Seven

Intention; The Rudder of Your Ship
Intention is the key. Without intention one can feel like a ship lost at sea, with no direction, no timetable, no purpose. Even an intention for clarity, or an intention to surrender is a clear intention. What can make intentions tricky are the different aspects of ourselves that may have different intentions and sabotage our conscious efforts.

Chapter Eight

Patience; By My Will or By My Willingness
When things are taking longer than we would like, or when nothing seems to be happening at all, we can rest assured that deep preparation and healing may be happening. How can you know when it is a time of deepening and integration, or when you are getting in your own way and are truly stuck?

Chapter Nine

Integrity; Aligning With What Is
When you look deeper into a subject such as integrity you find that it goes far beyond simply being honest. While being honest and telling the truth is a sign of a strong character, moral strength, and being a good person, what kind of integrity are you displaying if you are completely honest with the facts of your life, you follow all of the rules of society and the expectations of others, but at the same time ignore the higher calling of your Heart and Soul?

Chapter Ten

Unconditional Love; Beyond Manipulation
What is this thing we call love? What is the difference between romantic love and spiritual love? If love is who we are, then why do we have the experience of needing it from others. What is the difference between conditional and unconditional love and what does it look like it our lives? How can we be unconditional loving without becoming a doormat?

Chapter Eleven

Knowing; Going Beyond Belief
When Jesus said, “As you believe, so shall you see,” he was speaking to a universal law of attraction; one of cause and effect. While this is an extremely evolved understanding of how the universe operates, master teachers such as himself understood there were levels that exist beyond the level of thought, and therefore cause and effect. “Thoughts Are Things”, yes, and thought is creative, yes.

And, when we are initiated into the realm of Grace, we go beyond the mental level of cause and effect, and find ourselves in a state ‘Beyond Belief’. Belief, which functions in the mental realm, has been transcended and we can say that we have then gone beyond belief at that moment, the underlying premise for this book. Grace is not an operational law such as the law of attraction, but the realization and revelation of a Spiritual Reality.

In order to consciously enter this level of Grace we are invited to let go of the idea that we, personally, create, or do, anything. We can surrender our personal ideas of what our mind, our history, our ego tells us who we are and what we want and need, in order for us to realize what our Soul, Life, Love, Simply Is. This is an awakened jump in consciousness, to go beyond belief, beyond thought, beyond mind, and into Reality!, as it has not been known before!