Living Beyond Belief

Chapters At A Glance

Chapter One:

The Child; Innocence Regained
What contributes to losing our sense of joy, wonder and inner knowing? What can we do to return to that space of deep trust and belonging that we once knew? What does the Child within us know that the adult has forgotten?

Chapter Two

Re-Birth; Death as an Aspect of Life
What if we could eradicate our worldly-born fear of death? What would that mean for our lives today? How can we come into a greater awareness and understanding that we are more than our physical bodies?


Pure Divinity

pureThis CD is dedicated to the expression of the Divinity, Love, Joy, and Beauty that lives within each of us.
Thank you to David Neal for all of the brilliant arrangements and musical talent that you brought to the songs (including your own!!), for your rock and roll ear and expertise, and for everything you put into your amazing production of Pure Divinity!! Brad for making it sound just amazing, Reirani for adding the finishing Goddess touch ( I think the CD was waiting for you!), Edwin Coppard at Real People Music for assisting me in discovering my voice and the songs within, and my family and friends for being who you are and for loving me! I am so grateful for the Universal support as all of You!