Prayerformance & Sacred Circle

Something More; The Goddess Awakens

“Jaia presents with the voice of an angel. She creates a space of love through poetry and song, and invites the rest of us to join her in that space that only knows Love. Her voice and music carry you into a deep connection with Spirit that leaves one feeling inspired to commit to a new level on their spiritual journey. She truly knows how to hold a circle of people as One. Thank you, Jaia for the gifts of heart you share. ”
Rev. Sue MillerBorn, Center for Spiritual Living, Redding, CA

More from participants:

“I felt connected to the Whole and to everyone in the group and felt a deep change within
while listening to your music as well as a childlike connection to Spirit.”

“It is rare that individuals with the privilege of being the “Seer” or “Guide” come from a neutral, benign place. You really allow others to shine their own light without putting your own agenda in the way.”

“Your soft flow into the Spiritual realm is so gentle and easy that all can participate without feeling constricted in any way.”

“I feel this Light wanting more and more to be all that I am. At your class, I felt truly authentic and encouraged to let this Energy/Light do just that. I was so happy to share freely of my Spiritual experience and not feel any judgement.”

Are You a Goddess Waiting to Happen?

Is the Soul of the World is calling you to Something More in these times of great transition and awakening? Can you feel Something emerging from deep within your Being? Do you sense that it is time to come HOME (Heaven on Mother Earth) to yourself, and, that nothing less will do?

If the answers are yes…

We extend a soft and gently beckoning hand to join in this dynamic Soul Initiating and Goddess Liberating multi-media offering of a New Earth Creation Story…. Y/Our Story of the Goddess Awakening Heaven on Earth.

Together We Allow for a Magical Web of Creation to Emerge, where Invisible Mystery and Inevitable Love draws us Deeper into Her Mystical Womb. A Space where the Darkest Silence Dances New Universes into Expression, where Living Waters Refresh, Restore, and Rejuvenate, where Living Truth Strikes like a Lightning Bolt; All in Service to Soul Remembrance…

Now… because it’s not too late…

You Are Always Right on Time, in the timeless…

The presentation, in story format, includes intimate illuminations, transporting songs, poems of shamanic proportions, as well as energetic transference through dance; invoking and evoking the Grace of the Goddess.

This offering is followed by a Living Heaven Council Circle where we continue the journey in the resonant Being~ness of the Life Within. A Space to share, to speak into the circle what was sparked, what surfaced, or what has been more clearly seen within the depth of Being, and what is longing to be lived more fully.

Blossoming insights, as well as ‘composting stories’ are welcome into this Living Heaven Field of Awareness, as we further glimpse and gain more clues as to what our Soul has come to Express, Experience, and Embody, and how each of us can best Midwife and Mother the emerging Soul Seeds that we are carrying, in Service to our personal and collective Awakening, to the Soul of the World, and to All Beings Living Heaven on Earth!

The Presentation and Sacred Circle lasts from 2 1/2 to 4 hours, arrangements made ahead of time. If you would like to host a private event at your home or with a women’s group you are a part of, please contact us through the Book Jaia form.