Music Medicine

“You are a Mighty Pillar of Magdalene Light. You Weave the Music of the Spheres and Spin Creation.” C.A.C.
A few decades ago I had a vision of singing. In the very next moment, a sense of resistance in the form of anger came took me completely by surprise. My personal resistance to even the thought of being on a stage in front of people was huge, much less singing! Singing was never anything ‘I’ ‘wanted’ ‘to do’.

As midwife of the Soul, I find the same level of resistance inevitable in reference to our True Gifts. What we are to bring through on the Soul level, from the Field of Heaven, interwoven with the Genius of the Mother, is so far beyond what our ego mind could think up, want to do, and, in the end, actually do.

Creating from Soul is Creating the New Heaven New Earth. Within the energetic frequency of Activating, Awakening, and Allowing, rather than the old earth creation model of wanting, planning out, and doing.

Initially, a gifted and well known singing coach in the music industry had the intention of helping me to sing professionally. Very soon in I realized I had to stop working with her, as when I even started to learn professional modes and tricks of singing I was tapping into past/mind, and into performance with intention of entertaining. It never felt true and always felt like it took me away from myself and from the music. What came from within was the message, ‘you are not a singer’.

Over time, I found that when I was ‘out of my head completely’, when nowhere in me was trying to sing, or thinking I was singing, then I was in the Magic, or Heaven, and tapping into dimensions and intentional fields I couldn’t even begin to articulate, and which then had healing and awakening effects on others.

An experience finally came which helped me to get a sense of what was happening and assisted me in letting go of any mental agendas inside of me, or be susceptible to any outer reflections which were telling me I was sabotaging a successful music career from moving forward.

A friend called me and said I needed to ‘come right now’ as the Native American Hopi tribe was in Malibu beach for a water ceremony. I happened to be close and hurried down to make it right on time. During the ceremony where about 60 people formed a large circle, six singers went ‘in the ring’ and began singing, a prayer. Notes weren’t always on key, according to our mental training and ‘western world’ perceptual awareness, at times there was barely a recognizable harmony, but, what I felt inside of my body brought up emotion, and, again, a sense of many dimensions of intentional and resonant fields….. converging in the small web of voices. It was stunning.

Afterwards, the group drove up the nearby hill to continue the ceremony and celebration at a property designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. As we looked down to the beach there was a large circular area of crystal blue water, stretching out for quite a ways. The contrast of the clear blue circle of water stretching out from the shores of where we just were, with the rest of the ocean water, was striking and many gasped as they saw it and realized that the energy of the songs/prayers/ceremony had assisted in creating a clear resonant field with the water. I never questioned the power and potential of the songs that came through me after that time, and gratefully dropped any notion whatsoever of becoming a professional singer.

The Living Heaven songs that are played at events, and which are recorded with messages, carry this same type of resonant field, dimensional portals, and high intentional fields. Each song has a primary theme, depending on what part of the world it was created in and/or the theme of the song and message itself. As I’ve shared these songs over the years I’ve noticed sometimes someone would barely notice the music part of my work, and then a certain song would ‘speak’ to them and would have a huge impact on their life and serve as an initiation of sorts. For others the music was the entry point into the work from the first moment.

For many years I was guided to take my guitar out into remote areas and sing, especially when I was living full time in a custom RV in the U.S- and it wasn’t until much later that the connection was made that I was not only ‘singing to the Mother’, as Nature would often respond in delightful, sometimes startling ways, but that I was also ‘picking up’ or gathering elements of Nature to weave together in a way that would assist in healing the Song Lines across the planet, and, within people across the world. This is an essential element of the Living Heaven Music Medicine. It is Medicine from the Mother.


I still have no idea or real understanding of how to write a song, or musical theory, or musical ability per the way one thinks of a musician. I only have knowledge of a few basic strings, I think there are two I could actually identify. Whenever there has been movement towards trying to ‘learn more’, it becomes clear this direction is not aligned with the higher intention of the music or what needs to happen for it to be of the highest service. I don’t claim musicianship, but know that the music is a gift that is to be shared in service to Awakening to the Truth of Living Heaven.

Your own Gift is born and delivered in the same way. You may be an accomplished musician, or be highly trained or skilled in any number of areas. It’s not that these skills aren’t valid and useful, it’s just they are not an expression of your Soul’s True Gift, which does not come out of any kind of training, or from from what has happened before on planet earth, but instead within a deep surrender and letting go into the complete darkness of the sacred womb. Initially, we may have the impulse to try and fit our Gift into a current structure, which will either shrink the Gift, or will distort the energy. If we go that route, we may have commercial success, but at the expense of the True Gift emerging which is Allowing the New Earth to reveal Itself. Your Gift is an aspect of the New Structure. The New Models for Humanity – a Humanity which has Remembered. It is Here to Awaken to, Create, and Live Heaven on Earth.

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