Living Heaven Within

Rooting in Presence ~ Living Heaven Within

Your Journey into Goddess Alchemy Begins Here!

Your Entry into the work of Living Heaven begins with a VIP Day**!

In this deep dive I allow for my 18 years of full time experience in the healing arts, along with inter-dimensional energetic transmissions of the Goddess Frequency, to work in Service to the Graceful Emergence of your ‘Blueprint of the Soul’ and Unique Soul Intention.

We work on the mental, emotional, relative soul and Soul levels, allowing for a dramatic shift in awareness of how and why you are currently experiencing your life the way you are at this time. Clear and life-changing Insights into your karmic patterning as well as Direct Access to a Deeper Awareness of Your Authentic Being is an expected outcome and end result of our time together.

The VIP day is an Activation and an Initiation into the Rooting in Presence Program (more information below), which supports you in Manifesting from the Dimension of your Soul using an Ancient Alchemical Structure- rather than your unconscious ego structures and patterns. It is a program of ongoing support to assist you in realizing choices that are being made from fear, blame, shame, worry, doubt, guilt and other emotional triggers connected to past karmas, rather than from your Authentic Being and Soul Intention!

The VIP day includes an Electrodermal Stress Analysis (biofeedback) reading which works on the meridian points, revealing blockages or issues the body wants to clear at this time, the software revealing how the blockage can be released. (A small sample of hair and saliva must be shipped prior to scheduled day for DNA sample).

Our day also includes energy chelation, toning, and other energy work as needed, and your basic human design overview using your birth date. A Proven Living Heaven Soul Success Manifestation practice is shared and implemented during the one day to give you an ongoing self support of awakening and conscious creation. Specific recommendations, resources and tools are shared with you, to further align, awaken and allow for your “Soul’s Success” and Essential Self to emerge more fully. ((**VIP Day is also offered separately from the Rooting in Presence Program.))

The VIP Day includes:

  • A day long, aprox. 6 hours of 1:1 healing/reflecting/channeling/teaching.
  • 2 1/2 additional hours of prep, distance healing, and written summary.
  • This VIP Day also includes 5 Follow Up Integration Sessions.

The Full Rooting in Presence Program Includes:

Living Heaven Soul Blueprint VIP Day includes 5 follow up One on One Calls with Jaia

New Avalon Mystery School Lifetime Community Membership & Secret Facebook Page

Regularly Occurring Group Teleconference Calls, Frequency Downloads, Online Classes, and other forms of Connection to Assist in the Continual Awakening Process.

Currently a live 5am Pacific time “Morning Cup of Flow” call is occurring, 10-15 minutes each morning, as we go through The Book of Secrets by Osho. All past calls are recorded and archived.

Alchemy of Soul Success Retreat facilitated at a select destination during the year. Space limited! (Enrollment in your Rooting in Presence Program covers your Tuition. Additional Charges for Lodging and Meals. Travel not included. Subject to change after May 2017)

“The greatest gift I received from the healing was Jaia herself- her loving, authentic presence reminded me of the divine potential alive and present in me NOW. Jaia reflected me in my wholeness, rather than as someone that needed to be worked on, which is the way I was accustomed to seeing myself. The information she shared was specific, resonant and validating. It felt so good to be acknowledged for my gifts and more importantly, see my ‘weaknesses’ from a new perspective.

After my [full day], I felt seen, supported, inspired and confident. The realization of my creative ideas not only seemed possible, but inevitable. I actually set up a [full day] for my partner for his birthday because I couldn’t think of a more loving gift than this reflection of his unique and divine truth. Thank you, Jaia!”

~~Yeeve Rayne, Shamanic Healing Artist