Living Heaven Soul Success

Cracking Open ~ Living Heaven Soul Success

When we are on a conscious path where we are intending to express the gifts of the soul, it’s easy for the ego to come in and sabotage, to make excuses, or keeps us stuck in old patterns in general. Being true to ourself, to our Soul, in a world which continually tries to suck us back into it’s illusion and dramas, is not an easy task.

Within the first year of the Rooting in Presence program continuing one on one support is available as old roles and inner walls fall away to reveal what has always been true from deep within. Seeing through your coping behaviors and other ways you have learned to deal with trying to be other than what you really are is a natural and organic process which occurs in this phase of the work. Rome was not built in a day, and, all of the old constructs and behaviors you have protected yourself with will continue to come up to be seen through and gently released.

Continuing one on one sessions are invaluable in assisting you in remaining within the depth of your Blossoming process, being held in a powerful unconditionally loving presence, as well as held accountable for what you are creating in your life experience. Victim mentality falls away at this level of the work as Conscious Creation and Authentic Living are the focus. Each session serves as a reflection of your Authentic Being; assisting you in a continual process of Awakening and Spiraling up the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Rooting in Presence and Your Authentic Being!

*Pre-requisite Rooting in Presence Program or VIP Day. Special discount pricing for Soul Success Sessions purchased along with the Rooting in Presence Program.

3, 6 or 12 Month 1:1 Session Packages Available