Living Heaven Legacy

Blossoming Into Being ~ Living Heaven Legacy

The Vibrational Footprint of Soul Success

Living Heaven Legacy is available through an invitation to those who have been active in the Living Heaven Community through the Rooting in Presence and Soul Success Programs.

The focus in this level of the work is Allowing for the Blossoming of your Star Seed to be the Blessing to the world that it was designed to be. In this stage of the work one begins to more readily share what has arisen organically from the depth of Being. Participants will find they have shifted out of planning mode, out of trying to make something happen, and have graduated into the ability to Gracefully Allow the Presence of Being and Create from the Level of Soul.

This level of the work also includes higher initiation energies available through the Rose of Awakening and Advanced Goddess Frequency Practices.

The Food of the Goddess Light Body Activation and Initiation is also available which allow for initiations into the inner earth dimensions, as well as off planet/ galactic body activations, with greater experiences of inter-dimensional support. The larger intention and mission of the New Avalon Mystery School, that of fulfilling the prophecy of the Goddess Awakening Heaven on Earth, becomes more prevalent in awareness.

Spiritual Destinies and Missions of the Soul reveal themselves in greater clarity and synchronicity as one’s life becomes a deeper reflection of the Grace that is. Ego conditioning and unconscious actions continue to fall away and reacting to the material world becomes a thing of the past as the New Earth, Living Heaven, reveals itself as the real, Real world. Rather than seek to fix or change a material world one perceive’s to be outside of themselves, at this level participants becoming masterfully skilled in owing mental projections while Allowing what is available in the higher dimensional realities, to simply Be, and manifest in Grace.

Shifting from an issue driven life to a life of Service, Allowing for Star Seed Gifts to manifest in Service to Mother Earth, and to life itself, naturally and organically unfold and a material oriented life shifts ever more into a life lived from the level of Being. That of Living Heaven.