About Living Heaven

Our Spiritual Evolution ~ Living Heaven on Earth

Western culture’s reference point of consciousness is the mind. The intention of Western Psychology is to help one adjust to society. It never asks whether the society itself is healthy, and does not refer to any dimension of consciousness beyond the mind. The “scientific materialism” worldview has no choice but to limit spirituality to a tool for material acquisition or psychological improvement.

In the East, traditionally, the mind is not seen as the pinnacle of consciousness, allowing for greater levels of awareness to be realized. However, in Eastern tradition, the inherent creative tension can be blocked due to limiting beliefs about the physical world being “lesser” or “not important”. In this dynamic the inherent Gifts of the Soul may remain unearthed, and the judgment of the material plane can create a block in Manifesting a dynamic life experience, in alignment with the naturally Creative nature of the Soul.

The predominant spiritual or religious models have us either “going to Heaven” when we die, or “escaping the karmic wheel”; i.e. we are subconsciously trying to get to somewhere better, implying Earth is separate, and lesser, than Heaven. This worldview has kept humanity enslaved in separation. In Goddess Alchemy your Soul Intention Manifests in the Grace within a Structure which does not judge varying dimensions of reality, but allows them to combine in an Alchemical Union creating the Expression, Experience and Embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

Even though there is ample use of the word Soul in some personal development circles, you will usually find this work linked to “finding your Soulmate”, “manifesting millions”, “becoming a bestseller”, or “having perfect health”. All of these can be wonderful experiences to have, and yet if you imagine these things to be outside of you, something you have to make happen, you are most likely working within mental, emotional, and physical (ego) intentions. Even if you are “using Spirit” to manifest these things, your intention can be coming from a space of ego rather than from the depth of your Soul, where a much more expanded possibility exists- Beyond what you can even begin to imagine!

The entry point into the teachings of Living Heaven is a VIP day Soul Blueprint and Initiation. From there you will be further trained and energetically supported to manifest from the Essence of your Soul, and to masterfully discern when you are creating from the wounded aspect of consciousness, participating in karmic loops, and when action is arising from Soul Awareness.

The work of Living Heaven is Living the Life Your Soul Intended. It is Living your Genius. It is Living Grace.

If this work resonates with you and you are ready to let go into the Power, Passion, Peace, Prosperity, Play, Pleasure, and Presence of Your Authentic Being, please fill out the form HERE to experience a one on one call with Jaia .

The Essence of the work of Living Heaven

Transcend your conceptual understandings of Spirit, Soul, and Life, and awaken to a level of consciousness from the Depth of your Being that is truly Beyond Belief.

Live True to Your Unique Soul Blueprint; Clear in Who, What, Why and Where You Really Are beyond mental fixations, filters, identifications, projections, excuses, and stories.

Be Initiated into the Goddess Frequency through ancient Alchemy teachings, Allowing Her to take you to the Heaven Within, where the Peace, Playfulness, Prosperity, Passion, Power, Pleasure and Presence of your Authentic Being continues to be Reflected Naturally in your life experience.

Learn to recognize people and events that upset you as your greatest allies, and leverage these experiences for your Soul Awakening as well as your Service to Humanity.

Activate, Awaken and Allow your Unique Star Seed, Your True Soul Purpose, which can remain buried underneath years of survival based living, social conditioning, and expectations.

Learn to shift from an ego driven life, where you are continually focused on trying to get what you want, to a Life of Awakened Presence and Blossomed Being.

Stop using spirituality to manage a life that you were never designed to live, or to make a life that isn’t truly yours more bearable, and instead see what is True to your Heart and Soul and Live Authentically.

Move from a place of busyness and doing to a space of Being; relaxed, open, in True Flow.
Recognize and challenge your survival/ego based intentions, actions, and living strategies, and shift energetic gears into a Life Beyond Belief!

Rather than moving from negativity to positivity, Living Heaven is Awakening beyond polarization, to the Soul level. There is nothing you need to improve, and any self you perceive as needing improvement is not who you are. Improving a false self is a thankless and never ending battle. By Awakening from the false self, rather than seeking to change it, the battle comes to an end. In this space you are Free to discover, develop, and deliver the Gifts of the Heart and Soul and continue to “spiral” up the Stairway of Living Heaven.

DISCLAIMER: No diagnosis or cures are made in our work. The work of Living Heaven does not operate on wishful thinking, and it is not a passive, or ‘done for you’ process. Each individual is responsible for their own level of commitment and is responsible for their own use of will and intention of living as a Sovereign Individual.