About Living Heaven

Are You Ready to Come Home?

To Your True H.O.M.E. :
Heaven On Mother Earth

The Living Heaven Essence of Being:

We allow for the Vision of Living Heaven on Earth to capture our hearts, inspire our Soul, and inform our actions. We see the manifestation of this vision as not only possible, but inevitable, as humanity continues to Awaken to It’s Spiritual Nature.

We are born in Light and Love and intend to experience, reflect, and express our Divine Nature in ways which are nourishing, dynamic, nurturing, and necessary to the healing of humanity and the Earth Mother, while also remaining non-dogmatic and dynamic; allowing actions to arise from the Unconditioned Elegance of Life Within.

We are committed to our Spiritual Awakening, while allowing for a full life experience, which reflects to us the areas we are growing in, as well as allow us to participate fully in the transformation process and express Unconditional Love on Earth~ Here and Now.

We take 100% responsibility for our projected thoughts and emotions in order to transcend a victim level of experience, empowering us to make more Spiritually Aligned choices and in turn experience more of Who and What We Really Are.

We understand Living Heaven is not something to be personally done or accomplished, but something which can be continually Awakened To and Allowed to Express and Manifest through Grace.

We Allow for our Unique Gifts, the Love of our Hearts, the Genius of our Soul, our Star Seeds, to fully express in service to Living Heaven for All Beings.

We Allow for the Sacred Marriage, the Sacred Birth of Our Divine Self, to occur within our own being, through the Alchemical Union of our Father in Heaven and our Earth Mother. We emerge from this Mystical Union, embracing All of What We Are, and we fully allow the blessing and opportunity to Live Heaven on Earth as the Divinity We Are.

We understand the power of a thought and a belief, and allow for clarity on the mental level of awareness, but do not seek to manipulate, force, influence or control Life with mental powers. Instead we seek to Awaken to the Grace that is Here Now and to allow our thoughts to reflect this state of consciousness.

We acknowledge that Awakening is a mystical process of a surrender to Grace. In this endeavor we take care of ourselves and honor all of our bodies of awareness, as well as take responsibility for our learning and growth, which at times comes through what we would term as ‘mistakes’.

We acknowledge the joy and the importance of gathering in community with others of like minds and hearts, and Living Heaven intention, receiving the support and reflections of those of our Soul Family.