The Bard

Through the intrinsic connection with the Druidic tradition, the role of the Bard ventures beyond entertainer and storyteller and into that of the Seer, Magician, and Mystic. One who uses song, story, poem, and a creative orientation to channel Divine Wisdom; breaking the spells of limitation.

When you are spellbound, you are bound to the particular spell you are under. When you understand there exists the possibility to break the spell that creates a life experience of pain and struggle, you understand the work of Living Heaven.

We have come to believe the world we experience with our senses and through our thoughts is the true world. It isn’t. It is a world that has been collectively created through a deep forgetting of who we are and why we are here. The Bard activates Soul Awareness and assists in transcending the illusion of separation, while providing the space and conditions for the possibility of true Awakening and Healing the Heaven-Earth split in consciousness.

The Muse

As the spells are broken, we begin to glimpse the treasures that lie within and the life that awaits us. While this Treasure, this Gift within, may have many elements and variations of potential manifestation, it emanates from the Seed of Your Soul, or Star Seed. As you allow your Being to Blossom, you bring Wisdom, Truth, Love, and Beauty into the world through the gifts that you were created to deliver.

While you can’t be trained to do your Gift, as it is as natural as breathing to you, the Muse can inspire you to remember and to recognize the value of what lies within your Soul, and to then hold space and encourage you to continue to trust what emerges from the depth of your Being.

Beyond what your ego wants to create, arising from needs of recognition, safety, significance, belonging, or a myriad of other desires, a true friend of the Soul, the Muse, Sparks a Creative Fire within, which will burn through false desires and allow the Soul Seed to crack open, revealing the deeper Soul Intention within.

The Midwife of the Soul

This Blossoming of Being, this Birth of Soul Awareness, is a process of delivery no less engaging, terrifying, mysterious, wondrous and labor intensive as delivering a child into the world. While ample time for inner reflection and space to germinate is a necessary element of creativity and alchemy, we don’t tend to blossom in isolation. We also tend not to be able to hold our Creations of the Soul without a solid structure. The needs of each individual’s successful blossoming vary greatly, but there are common elements, a sound reflection along with a supportive structure, as you seek to ‘do the impossible’ according to the ego’s perspective.

A deeper alchemy is available within a container that is safe, held in a particular space, within a Field of Soul Intention by all who participate. The group dynamics tend to bring forth what is necessary for the complete healing of those participating. This type of group interaction goes beyond ‘like mindedness’ and bonding alone, it also provides the reflection of disowned aspects of your psyche. Unhealed aspects surface and are recognized for the blocks to Living Heaven they are, allowing you to Blossom in ways never imagined, within a Field of other Unique Blossoms, Living Heaven as One!

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Jaia Lee began having experiences of a spiritual nature in early childhood. At about five years old, when playing on the stairs of her apartment complex with other children, everything around her shifted into a pure radiant shimmering expression of light. Similar experiences continued through childhood, along with soul memories and the awareness there was much more going on than could be experienced though the physical senses.

Her natural propensity to ask the deeper questions of life, such as “Who Am I?”, and, “What Am I doing here?” often led to confusion and a sense of isolation. A natural at inquiry, her dad shared with her later that she just about drove him crazy with her “why” and “what if” questions when young.

In her teen years, even though she began to find answers through Emerson, Blake, Neitzche, and others, her confusion turned into depression. She began using various substances and behaviors to block the further questions and spiritual experiences.

At twenty-four she was married, and the following year gave birth to a daughter. Finally having a reason beyond herself to quit many of the self destructive habits, she also found a reflection of innocence in her daughter, and a Soul memory of a deeper purpose revealed itself. Five years later she left the marriage, which had proved an accurate reflection of the self abuse, but, also provided the ground for a sudden and sweeping spiritual awakening.

In this time, she worked as a single mom, enjoying the freedom which had awakened inside and soon reflected a hundred pound weight loss, a financial windfall, and the development of spiritual, healing, and creative gifts through a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, world travel, and working with others as a mystic healer, spiritual teacher, and awakened artist beginning in the year 2000.

Today Jaia continues to serve in the capacity of Bard, Muse, and Midwife of the Soul. The New Avalon Mystery School over-lights the work of Living Heaven, where students are Initiated into the work of Goddess Alchemy. Divine Mother, Earth Mother, as well as the Goddess Frequency, are powerful and necessary allies in the Healing and Awakening Process for women awakening into their Authentic Feminine Power. The role of the Divine Masculine is greatly honored and revered as well. Men are initiated, and the masculine principle within each of us carries a role just as significant in Planetary Awakening at this time in our Spiritual Evolution.