jaiamariaphotoshootjuly08 045Jaia Lee began having experiences of a spiritual nature in early childhood. At about five years old, when playing on the stairs of her apartment complex with other children, everything around her shifted into a pure radiant shimmering expression of light. Similar experiences continued through childhood, along with the awareness there was much more going on than could be experienced thought the physical senses and known by the intellectual mind.

Her natural propensity to ask the deeper questions of life, such as “Who Am I?”, and, “What Am I doing here?” often led to confusion and a sense of isolation. A natural at inquiry, her dad shared with her later that she just about drove him crazy with her “why” and “what if” questions when young.

In her teen years, even though she began to find answers through Emerson, Blake, Neitzche, and others, her confusion turned to depression. She began using various substances and behaviors to block the further questions and spiritual experiences, coming to the conclusion she was flawed in a fundamental and irreversible way, and there was no purpose or meaning to any of it!

At twenty-four she was married, and the following year gave birth to a daughter. Finally having a reason beyond herself to quit many of the self destructive habits, she also found a reflection of innocence in her daughter, and a Soul memory of a deeper purpose revealed itself. Five years later she left the marriage, which had proved an accurate reflection of the self abuse, but, also provided the ground for a sudden and sweeping spiritual awakening.

In this time, she worked as a single mom, enjoying the freedom which had awakened inside and soon reflected a hundred pound weight loss, a financial windfall, and the development of spiritual, healing, and creative gifts through a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, world travel, and working with others as a mystic healer, spiritual teacher, and awakened artist beginning in the year 2000.

Today Jaia continues to serve in the capacity and experience of Grace working through her form. Many have experienced a great shift in their outer reality as a result of healing illusions on the inner planes of consciousness. At this time the New Avalon Mystery School has emerged as the over-lighting foundation for the work of Living Heaven. She also incorporates plant based living foods into her retreats and work, as healing with the Mother ( Divine Mother and Earth Mother ) as well as the Goddess Frequency, are powerful and necessary allies in the Healing and Awakening Process at this time on the planet. She is currently working on her next book titled: Her Silent Scream; How the Healing of the Psyche, Soul, and Sentience of Women Will Save the World.

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