Blessings Star Shine!

I hope you are finding this Summer season to be pleasing to the Soul; a Divine Reflection and Expression of Who and What You have come to the planet to Be!

Question: As the world marches on, are you marching with it? Or, have you been called to go deeper within? Are you receiving glimpses of the world that is asking to be born? Are you aware of your role in this New World Awakened?

You may have noticed, we are in a 9 year (2016= 9), and, coming up upon a triple 9 day, or, portal (September 9th, 2016). Perhaps you have been noticing old friends, lovers, patterns, issues, projects, and even old promises, promises made in different times and within a different level of consciousness, popping up to say ‘hello’ at this time.

It’s been quite a year of things coming to light, or resurfacing. It’s no accident. Nine is all about completion. Clearing house. Resolving karma. Making way for the next cycle which is about new beginnings and pure life force creation.

The 9 is also representative of the bigger picture, of things coming together, integrating on a large scale, and we are seeing lots of old attitudes and agendas coming to light on the world stage. We are more clear than ever perhaps around some of our corporate entities less than service oriented intentions, of the patterns of unnecessary attacks on other countries, which create terror, and subsequent terrorists. Not to mention all that continues to be reflected to us in the US election process. It was prophecized that the times we are living in now would be a time of the truth coming out. And, after all, isn’t this the first step in recovery: admitting there is a problem?

The great news is, there is profound potential for transformation at this time! On a spiritual level we are being asked to get super clear on what are true aspects of Our Being, of Who and What We Are, and also on what has simply been taken on, chosen, or allowed from an unconscious level; from the limiting beliefs about who we are, limiting beliefs about reality, from habit, and from things like guilt, fear, shame or blame. The completion theme has come up for me personally this last year in so many powerful ways it’s been a bit, er, ‘beyond belief’ ;).

If it has been for you too, here’s a ceremonial offering below to help to prepare for the coming 9/9/9 completion portal (to create space for the next cycle of creative energies of the 1 year!). You can tune in and see when you are called to do this – either on the day itself or before. You’re heart will let you know more about what your unique ceremony will look like, and, also know that the specific work you do in this will be highly active for the final quarter of the year.

9/9/9 Completion Ceremonial Offering: Get in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed and meditate on the question: “What patterns, behaviors, tendencies, or worldviews is my Soul asking that I release at this time?”

Sit in the stillness and allow the answers to come to you. Jot them down on a piece of paper if that feels helpful. (Rather than think about what you “should” let go of, allow the answers to come).

Next ask: “What people, circumstances, or events are present in my life, or have resurfaced in my life recently, to help me become more aware of these?” (Again, allow the answers to arise from the deeper place of being within, rather than trying to figure anything out- you may have to sit for a while to fully allow the answers to reveal themselves- just notice what comes to you).

When you feel complete with what has come forward, write down all that was revealed to you. You may have noticed that the second question made you aware of some things that are asking to be completed that didn’t come to you during the first question. Take some time to clarify and list each limiting pattern, behavior, tendency, or worldview that was revealed to you in the exercise, along with the corresponding person, circumstance, event, etc., if relevant.

For the next part of this process, for each “item” on your list, ask the question: “What would need to be forgiven for this pattern to transmute, transform, and/or come to completion in my life experience now?” Another way to ask the question is “What would I need to forgive for this pattern to transmute, transform, and/or come to completion in my life experience now?”

Allow yourself to forgive everything that has come forward, spending time with each one in your heart.

A note on forgiveness: If you find your mind hanging on to a situation or event, and you feel that you are not personally ready to forgive, see if you can get to a space where you are at least willing to forgive, understanding that unforgiveness creates stagnant energy within and blocks you from flowing, giving, and living freely. In essence, all personal forgiveness is intention, true forgiveness is always an act of Grace. If you are fully in your heart in the process, you can’t do it wrong.

For the final part of this ceremonial offering, find a way to offer this intentional work to the larger world. As in, I forgive, or I complete, or I release….(going through your list) in Service to Humanity, in Service to the Healing of the Nations, in Service to All Beings Living Heaven, or, to whatever speaks to you which reminds you that this work is never done in isolation and never just for yourself. All Soul work, done at the level of Soul, is also done for the Soul of the World and on behalf of Humanity. As you make your offering, in the heart space of gratitude, give thanks for the Grace that has allowed this Divine Completion to occur. In whatever language your heart speaks to the Universe, to the Soul of the World, allow for the natural gratitude that is there, to simply express.

I hope you find this to be of assistance to you on your spiritual path and in the further activation, awakening, and courageous allowance of Your Unique Soul Expression! If you are so called, I’d love to hear your experience with this ceremonial offering! If you have any pictures you feel called to share, I’d love to see those and send blessings your way.

In Service to Y/Our Living Heaven,