Jaia Lee

“You don’t need to die to go to Heaven.
You just have to Wake Up.”

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Jaia Lee



Midwife of the Soul

Pure Divinity
with Bard

This CD is dedicated to the expression of the Divinity, Love, Joy, and Beauty that lives within each of us.


Living Beyond Belief
with Muse

Living Beyond Belief is a soul-charging book, one that opens up new dimensions in human possibilities.”    Dr. Jean HoustonRead More >>

VIP & Coaching
with Midwife of the Soul

Spiritual Guidance/Coaching programs allow you to work one-on-one with Jaia as you journey more deeply into the awareness of your Divine Nature and expressing your unique Soul gifts


What Our Clients Say…



“Jaia is a shining example of what she writes about. She shows us so clearly that the “impossible” is a box of our own design~ and shows us the way out!”

– Toby

“A breath of fresh air, a poet, a muse, a woman of depth, character, and beauty. An original.”

– Rev. Bob Luckin

“Jaia is medicine for the Soul! Thank You!”

– Toni Anne Tierney

“I feel the rest of my life will forever be affected in a positive way!”

– Kimberlee Sumner

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